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About WG Media

What we do.

WGMedia creates and activates Public Relations and Strategic Content Campaigns for global brands and events in the sectors of sport, technology and travel & adventure.

Why we're different.

We work as a collaboration of experts who understand how to combine the unique requirements of the media and the marketing needs of brands to deliver a benefit to both.

Our inside knowledge of the way the media operates enables us to develop and run genuine journalism-led PR and content campaigns that the media can connect with – rather than marketing-influenced campaigns that fail to hit the spot.

By working across a diverse range of sectors, we are also able to create campaigns that can be highly targeted but also wide reaching through an innovative cross-media approach.

How we do it.

We operate with a small and focused core and a large network of experts to generate cost-effective campaigns with global reach.

By selecting the right people for the right projects, we limit waste and maximise what can be achieved enabling us to be compact but expansive; independent but well connected; and diverse but highly focused.

Who we are.

Based in North London, England, WGMedia is run by founder Will Gray, a journalist, trained engineer and PR expert with more than 15 years experience in the business.

Will has led campaigns for global brands including Ford, Allianz, Land Rover, Shell, Hummer and Wenger. He has also managed event and content PR for the Patagonian Expedition Race, Storm Chasing and the Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge.

The WGMedia network comprises media experts from the UK and around the world who offer wide-ranging sector expertise and are available on a project-by-project basis.

We currently work with PR and media professionals in eight different international territories, enabling us to select tailored teams to suit national or global campaigns.

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