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With an expertise in adventure, WGMedia offers clients in the travel sector innovative outdoors-related PR campaigns, with experience of working in some of the world's wildest locations.

Chilean Patagonia

Working with the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race and the Chilean Tourist Board, WGMedia has developed and devised and managed a PR programme to promote sustainable adventure tourism in the region over the last four years. This cross-sector PR delivered coverage for the region not only in travel publications but also sports, news and environmental sectors.

Specific travel sector media coverage has included the Independent, Daily Telegraph, CNN Traveller, Adventure Traveller, Real Travel, GQ Italy and Viajeros Spain.

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Working with Tourism Tasmania in the UK, Australia, Germany, Singapore and Japan, WG media has helped to maximise the adventure tourism coverage output related to the Swisse Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge.

Coverage has included the Mail on Sunday, Wanderlust, Austravel magazine, STA Travel social media, Sonntag Aktuelle and Straits Times Singapore.

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