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WGMedia provides brand-driven copy & content in written and video format to support a range of PR and marketing campaigns.


Worked with motorsport's governing body, the FIA, to develop easy-to-read technical copy for the official medical guide to safety in F1, World Rally, Sportscars and Drag Racing, which was published and provided to racing circuits around the world.

Shell / Ferrari

Contracted by PRISM to develop the concept and distribution plan for four technical videos on Shell's partnership with Ferrari.


Created a number of written features to support Hummer's involvement in the Vortex 2 Stormchasing project, designed to prove 'you can go anywhere in a Hummer'. Features were placed in a number of UK and international publications.

Extreme Science

Currently working on putting together a number of technology brands to support a series of extreme science projects around the world, providing engaging copy and rich media content that can demonstrate their involvement in this exciting world.

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