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Technical features by WGMedia founder Will Gray have covered topics including stormchasing, sports science and the Buncefield oil disaster and have been published by media including New Scientist, Flipside and the Independent.


Invited to join in the biggest storm chase in history, Vortex 2, Will was a reporter amongst a team of scientists that collected the most comprehensive tornado data set ever recorded. His written and video reports on the science behind the story featured in New Scientist, Flipside and FHM magazines.

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Sports Technology

With a background in technology, Will has written articles on the involvement of science within a variety of sports. He was the creator of 'Taking the Lid Off Formula One', a feature series for AtlasF1 analysing every element of a modern F1 car and has provided technical insight for the Daily Telegraph and Reuters. He continues to write weekly technical F1 blogs Yahoo!Eurosport and has penned features on the technology of football and athletics for specialist publications.

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Commissioned by New Scientist to investigate the Buncefield oil disaster, Will travelled to RAF Spadeadam to witness one of the UK's biggest test explosions and report exclusively on the findings.
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Simulation technology

Will was given a 'crash' course in F1 simulation technology when he tried to race Mark Webber in the Red Bull Racing F1 simulator and delved into the telemetry to see just why he had been 20 seconds slower than the F1 star.

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